4 items to add to your to-do list after the sale

4 items to add to your to-do list after the sale

Buying your first home is very exciting and will be one of the biggest things you will accomplish in life. Once you have completed your first parkland county real estate transaction and the sale is considered final, you need to create a to-do list of these important items, and get them done as quickly as possible.

Lock Replacement
Home security is very important especially when buying your first home, and the last thing you’ll want to feel in your new house is unsecure. Ensure all locks leading into the house have been replaced by a professional locksmith. Also ensure other entrances that don’t require a key have been changed. The list for this task should be: both the front and back door, any exterior doors to the garage, the garage fob to open the garage door, and any other entrance ways into the house.

North Edmonton homes for sale,Strathcona homes for sale,parkland county real estateUpdating alarm codes
Now that you have replaced all of the locks leading into the house, you’ll also want to make sure the security codes are changed on the alarm system. When doing this make sure to choose a code everyone in the house can remember, but don’t make it too easy for intruders. You may need to contact the security company if you are unsure how to do this.

Keep all documents safe and secure
Make sure you or your realtor have made a copy of all of the mortgage documents signed during the process of buying the North Edmonton homes for sale. You will also want to make duplicates of each document so that you can keep one copy at home, as well as another copy away from the house, such as a storage unit or safety deposit box. If you’re going to keep a copy at home, make sure whatever it is stored in is fireproof. If you don’t have anything like that you may want to purchase a fireproof safe.

North Edmonton homes for sale,Strathcona homes for sale,parkland county real estateCheck the hot water tank temp
Keep in mind that you may like the hot water at a certain temperature, but the previous owner may be different. Check the hot water gauge and set the temperature to your preference. You should be able to do this yourself, but if not speak with a professional plumber.

In conclusion, moving into your new house can be very exciting, and completing these items on your to-do list can help to make the process much smoother, when purchasing North Edmonton homes for sale. For more information contact your expert Strathcona homes for sale realtor Ahmad Sai today!